Thank you for your interest in Puzzles Bakery & Café.

Believe it or not, we are contacted almost every single day with inquiries about the business. How did Puzzles Bakery & Café get started? Is Puzzles structured as a non-profit or for-profit entity? Is there a secret to securing funding? How can I start a similar business in my own community?

While we certainly don't have all the answers, we are dedicated to assisting like-minded people and organizations in creating meaningful employment opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities. We are pleased to offer one-on-one video conferencing sessions with Sara Mae Pratt, owner and founder of Puzzles Bakery & Café.

As a small business owner, a new mother, and a busy member of the community, Sara Mae has made the decision to charge a nominal consulting fee for her time. All funds go directly toward supporting the mission and vision of Puzzles Bakery & Café.

Talk to you soon!